Justin N. Froyd - Jul 16, 2023
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According to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), Portugal's tourism industry brought 571.7 million euros in receipts in May, a 25.2% increase from last year. Compared to May 2019, before the pandemic, there was a growth of 40.1%. Additionally, tourism in Lisbon saw its highest average revenue per occupied room ever.

INE reported that the average revenue per available room (RevPAR) was 69.8 euros, while the average revenue per occupied room (ADR) reached 112.7 euros. Compared to May 2022, this represents an increase of 23.7% for RevPAR and 17.6% for ADR. Compared to May 2019, there was an even more significant increase of 33.3% for RevPAR and 28.4% for ADR.

By type of property, RevPAR reached its highest value in the month under review in five-star hotels (EUR 141.7), but the establishments with the highest year-on-year growth were three-star hotels (up 29.3% to EUR 59.8).

By region, Área Metropolitana de Lisboa recorded the highest ADR value (EUR 150.5), corresponding to a historical maximum in the region's entire data.

As for lodging revenues, they reached 436.8 million euros, an increase of 29.1% compared to last year and 44.4% compared to the pre-covid period.

Among the various regions, in the month under review, it was tourism in Lisbon metropolitan area that concentrated the largest share of revenues (34.9%), followed by the Algarve (24.6%) and the North (16.4%).

According to INE, there was a substantial increase of 23.7% and 24.5% in rural tourism and housing, respectively, which accounted for 3.5% each. Comparing these figures to May 2019, the growth rate was even more significant, reaching 102.8% and 100.6%, respectively.

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