Gregory Dolgos - Apr 9, 2018
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Tourism in Italy is experiencing “a moment of momentum”. The growth forecasts by Enit for the entire spring season are very positive.

Among European tour operators, 82.9% expect growth. 76.1% of non-European tour operators predict increases. Not to mention that during Easter, sales increased by 69.2% of the total.

According to UNWTO estimates, Italy is positioned fifth in terms of international tourist arrivals. Only France, USA, Spain and China are above Italy. The growth of tourism in Italy between January and October 2017 was 10%. This is the highest rate of increase among the top five countries.

In the European context, Italy is in 3rd place after Spain and France, and before Germany, with respect to attractiveness to domestic travelers as well as international visitors. With 427 million total nights, tourism in Italy registered a 5.9% increase compared to 2016. Meanwhile Spain only grew by 3.6%. Considering, instead, only foreign travelers, these were equal to 212 million last year. This is an increase of 6.3% compared to 2016.

The report by Enit also analyzed the tourist expenditure. In 2017, there was an increase of 7.2% compared to the year before. The expenditure amounted to 39 billion euro. On the other hand, tourist spending by Italians abroad amounted to 24 billion, with a positive net balance of 15 billion euros (+8.7% on 2016).

In terms of regions, Lazio registered a 17.3% increase in expenditure. Meanwhile, Lombardy and Veneto had increases of 5.7%, while Campania 14.9%. Toscana, on the other hand, suffered an expenditure decrease of 0.9%.

Compared to 2017, an increase in the contribution to GDP of 1.8% is estimated this year. The economic value of the sector will amount to 227.3 billion euro.

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