Samuel Dorsi - Jun 13, 2021
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Tourism in Germany remained well below the pre-crisis levels in April. According to the Federal Statistical Office, there were 8.5 million overnight stays of guests from Germany and abroad in April. Although this was almost twice as many as a year ago, when the Corona crisis had the industry firmly in its grip - it only represents a good fifth of the overnight stays in April 2019.

In April of this year, there was still a widespread ban on accommodation for guests traveling privately, but this was relaxed regionally depending on the infection situation on the ground.

Of the approximately 52,000 accommodation establishments recorded, only 30,872 were open, the statisticians reported. Accordingly, 26 991 establishments were open in April 2020. Meanwhile, there are further relaxations in many regions due to the decreased incidence figures - the industry is hoping for a summer with strong sales.

In the period from January to April, accommodation establishments recorded a total of 31.1 million overnight stays, according to the Federal Office. That was 59.6% fewer than in the same period last year. For domestic guests, there was a minus of 56.3%, and for foreign guests, there was a slump of 75.3 %. Tourism in Germany still waits for substantially increased numbers.

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