Daniel A. Tanner - Oct 4, 2021
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The past summer was extremely successful for tourism in Crimea, despite weather disasters and the everlasting Covid-19 pandemic. In September, Sergei Aksenov, the head of the Crimean Republic, said that over the previous eight months the flow of tourists to Crimea exceeded the record for the entire post-Soviet period of 2019 by 24 % and reached 7.2 million people.

Industry experts argue that the quality of recreation in Crimea has grown significantly in recent years, and the range of products offered to the guests of the peninsula has become much more diverse, thus attracting more visitors.

DIY Tourism?

The commissioning of the key infrastructural projects - the bridge across the Kerch Strait and the Tavrida highway - quickly led to the fact that Crimea became almost the main center of Russian auto tourism, and this entailed serious changes in the structure of demand and supply in the market of services for vacationers.

The spread of the DIY (do it yourself) ideology to the tourism sector is a global trend, and in Crimea it is largely promoted by the same reason: there are few high-star accommodation facilities on the peninsula, and "wild" recreation is historically well developed.

According to experts, because of this, the owners of accommodation facilities have benefited a lot in the past two years.

As more and more people travel to Crimea on their own and organize their entire ittinerary, the result is that they pay only for accommodation and food, which means that their money goes mainly to hoteliers and restaurateurs.

Moreover, experts note that Crimea is generally very well prepared for the holiday season. For example, a lot of modern offers for active recreation have appeared - kayaking, yachting and, in general, all types of water entertainment.

Growth of Wine Tourism

Another trend in the global travel market in recent years is the rapid development of niches that were previously considered marginal or were considered as an additional "dish" in the menu for vacationers.

For tourism in Crimea, wine tourism has undoubtedly become such a specific segment, keeping pace with the development of winemaking on the peninsula.

One of the main achievements of tourism in Crimea over the past couple of years is the decrease in the importance of the seasonality factor. This is especially typical for wine tourism – the offer is in demand at any time of the year.

And according to experts, wine tourism in Crimea is on the way to becoming an independent business line that can be profitable. It is one of the very important parts that forms the income of winemakers.

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