Dan Rang - Oct 2, 2007
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For those tourists in search of unusual events, crazy parties and celebrations of international culture, there is no need to look any further than Toronto. Despite Winnipeg being more famous for cultural events involving food, beer and music, Toronto has actually overtaken its counterpart in all categories. Strange events, such as Woofstock for dogs and the Partigras, a celebration of festivals such as Mardi Gras, are not even top of the bill. There are far more interesting events than these.


Film experts have even been led to declare that Toronto is now host to a film festival far superior to any Cannes or Hollywood can offer. Even the film critic for the French newspaper ‘Le Monde’ has stated that Toronto has surpassed Cannes as the film festival capital of the world. He also mentioned that the Canadian metropolis is not more expensive than its American or French rivals.


The most remarkable progress for Toronto tourism has been made in the food sector. This year has so far been nothing short of miraculous as visitors in August were advised to arrive with an empty stomach. Shortly after the Caribana, a reggae and calypso party, visitors were treated to the ‘hot and spicy food’ festival. 180.000 people were present at the festival’s 10th anniversary. If the taste buds were still not satisfied then there was the 3-day ‘taste of the Danforth’ Greek food bonanza. To wash down the food, half the city preceded to indulge in Toronto’s beer festival, where there were more than 200 different beers on offer. Toronto has begun to cater for almost every taste possible, explaining the huge increase in the influx of foreign and Canadian visitors to festivals and internationally-recognised events.

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