Anna Luebke - Jan 26, 2015
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Rich history and culture intertwined with the huge appeal of a western monarchy have always attracted crowds of tourists to the United Kingdom. In recent years the market has been witnessing several changes especially among domestic tourists. brings you five of the most prominent trends affecting UK tourism right now.

Family Gatherings and Leisure Holiday

Thanks to the recent economic slowdown many local tourists try to connect their trips to family and friends with leisure holidays. With more limited budgets, consumers wanting to maximize their leisure time have attempted to capitalize on the family occasions and turn the reunions into leisure orientated trips. This trend will become increasingly pronounced even after full economic recovery. The changing of UK’s demographic picture also contributes to the popularity of linking family reunions with leisure – more generations and longer lives bring about more family occasions that in turn lead to more opportunities for family gatherings.

Spa Breaks Growing in Popularity

Different kinds of domestic leisure tourism also gain from wider trends. Health tourism, such as spa breaks, for instance, will in addition to being driven by an older generation of health conscious people, be also driven by blurring distinctions between leisure and work heightening consumer desire for breaks and treats and also by rising perceptions of time pressure.

Not Only Seniors Seek Adventure

Demographic trends similar to the ones mentioned above will also lead to the development of active tourism this year. Especially, the impression that modern lifestyles are sedentary or too easy will lead to consumers looking for adventure during their leisure time. The next generation of retired consumers is more active and younger; this makes them a suitable market for this kind of holiday. New kinds of tourism face challenges, nonetheless, not least in terms of the threat of litigation.

Urban vs. Rural Destinations

In terms of the types of destinations, urban and rural tourism have both experienced significant development in recent years, with new experiences and activities attracting domestic visitors. A rise in the number of attractions and the regeneration of many cities has fueled the growth of urban tourism whereas, conversely, causing a rise in urbanization in our day to day lives has assisted in increasing the appeal of the countryside. However, younger people may not be attracted to rural locations. Importantly, both destinations can gain from the increase in the number of short breaks taken by consumers and the wish to experience different kinds of holidays. One of the future implications of this trend is that people will combine different destination types on one trip. In developing this kind of behavior, it is necessary that different destinations within areas cooperate to communicate the overall tourism attraction of the area, instead of competing with one another.

Seaside Resorts Offer More Attractions

The prospect of British seaside tourism is less clear-cut. Some resorts have not been able to compete with the more predictable summer weather and a pure beach offer that some overseas locations can offer. Nevertheless, whilst the connection between the sun and seaside remains vital, it isn’t the only attraction of the seaside. Most resorts have been able to successfully re-invent and adapt to attract new tourists. England’s changing demographic structure may also assist resorts in the future. With more seniors and children entering the market, having a family-orientated and easily accessible destination will be best for intergenerational (and shorter) family holidays. In England, different seaside resorts can provide unique experiences from sports to cuisine. In the meantime, the traditional, sentimental appeal of the seaside has been revived by many visitors returning after a long absence.

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