Ashley Nault - Mar 18, 2024
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The travel planning service OneTwoTrip has created a list of the most popular countries Russian tourists want to visit during the summer of 2024. Experts analyzed hotel accommodation search queries to compile the list and identified the top 20 destinations.

Turkey has topped the list, with 22.4% of travelers wanting to visit the country between June and August. This is unsurprising since Turkey is one of the most budget-friendly destinations for a beach holiday, with a vast selection of resorts for every taste. It is also traditionally one of the three most popular countries among Russians.

Georgia came in second place, with 18.1% of Russian tourists wanting to visit this country. Tourists love Georgia for its beautiful nature, low prices for flights and accommodations, delicious cuisine, and recreational opportunities on the Black Sea coast. Armenia is third, with 4.6% of travelers wanting to visit this country. Russians are attracted to Armenia's easy entry, rich culture, and gastronomic pleasures.

Thailand (4.5%) is the fourth most popular destination for travelers from Russia, famous for its excellent opportunities for a beach holiday. Even the rainy season in the summer does not stop Russians from visiting this country. Italy (4.2%) is the fifth most popular destination, which travelers from Russia love for its historic sights, excellent shopping, cuisine, and many beach resort towns.

The UK and France are among the top destinations, attracting Russian tourists with their culture and excursion holidays. The UAE is also popular, with travelers eager to visit local entertainment and shopping centers despite the extreme heat. Abkhazia and Spain are also on the list for travelers looking to hit the beach. Kazakhstan has become a favorite among Russian travelers in recent years, with its scenic beauty and attractions landing it in eleventh place.

Indonesia and Belarus follow with beach holidays and shopping opportunities, respectively. China, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam are also on the list, with the latter offering beach holidays. The top destinations of Azerbaijan, Greece, and the Maldives were all chosen for their warm seas during the summer.

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