Gregory Dolgos - Oct 29, 2012

Chile is one of the finest travel destinations in South America with a great deal of amazing attractions as well as famous recreational activities that will intrigue you. Visiting Chile on vacation will give you the best experience as there are plenty of things to see and do thus ensure a fan filled trip. If you are planning a holiday vacation to Chile below is a guide for the ultimate travel experience.

Moon Valley and Death Valley in One Day

At $29 you get to book a tour to the two magnificent places and feel the magic of hiking as well as sand boarding. Death Valley depicts a dry and desert climate with bare land that is usually likened to Mars. Here you get to enjoy sand boarding as well as get lessons for as long as two hours. The Moon Valley harbors secret caves, salt covered mountains, stone features formed by wind and water as well as lakes covered with salt. You can take a hike to the top of Moon Valley where you can clearly have an outlook of the entire area, try the edible salt and enjoy the sunset scenery as you sip away your Pisco Sour.

The Lake District

Visiting this place presents you with a vast area stretching to a 210 mile with dozens natural and beautiful landscapes. Chile's Lake District is located between Puerto Montt and Temuco, where you will experience the best of Chile's cultural and traditional interactions. This place boasts of 12 major lakes as well as other natural features which include volcanoes with snow at the peak, tranquil waterfalls, a forest and beautifully jagged peaks. This particular location is commonly likened to Switzerland due to identical natural features as well as a variety in ethnicity and language.

Easter Island

The world’s most sacred site and world heritage location, you will need to take a flight from Santiago while travelling to Easter Island. This place is known for its famous vast stone feature that weighs 14 tons with a height of 13 feet. The structures here are full of mystery as no one clearly knows the real story behind them except of the beliefs that they were built in honor of ancient leaders as far as history can recall. You can view these structures by riding a horse, biking or driving a rented car or jeep.

Nevado Ojos Del Salado

Here you get to climb the world's highest volcano, where you can take hikes and excursions to study volcanic features present.

Torres Del Paine National Park

The best ever created film that displays Chiles' beauty which basically entails the natural physical features. The glacial, lakes, monoliths, snow peaks and skies.

Open Pit Copper Mine

This is the largest open pit mine in the world making Chile a major exporter. You will definitely enjoy a guided tour with a variety of languages to choose from.


This is the capital city of Chile offering the best of vacation facilities from, beaches, hotels, restaurants to shopping malls. Metropolitan Cathedral church is a famous national monument with additional parks and museums.

Robinson Crusoe Island

At this national park you get to enjoy scuba diving and beautiful sceneries that vary from marine wildlife as well as the water. A flight from Santiago takes you to this wonderful place where you can enjoy the warm water.

Isla Magdalena

If you want to see penguins in large groups go to the Magdalena Isle. You also get to climb the lighthouse and take photos of the area and penguins too.

Casablanca Valley

Only 45 minutes from Santiago, here you will see the great grape vines as well as wine industries favored by the Mediterranean climate. This is the biggest wine tasting valley and others include Colchagua Valley, Aconcagua Valley and Maipo Valley.


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  1. I was recently in Santiago and have been desperately looking after the beach (as mentioned in your article).
    However I was really impressed about the beauty of Chile (we made a cruise from Ushuaia to Valparaiso

    Werner (Belgium)

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