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Studying abroad has many benefits, including new experiences, meeting new people, and acquiring a respectable international degree. Europe has a lot to offer when it comes to higher education. In each country, you can find old and new institutions that provide prominent courses and outstanding research capabilities.

And the best part is that more and more of them offer courses in English, so international students do not have to learn one more language. If you worry that the admission rules are difficult or you will not be able to keep up with the curriculum, you can always ask an essay writer on Essaypro for help. The only thing one needs to care about is what university to choose. Here is a list of the top institutions in Europe for international students.

Cambridge, UK

It is not surprising that the list starts with this prominent institution. The University of Cambridge is one of the best in the United Kingdom and the world. It is one of the oldest, too, so the traditions here are pretty exciting. Cambridge provides outstanding programs and exclusive access to the excellent library. It also welcomes international students and if you have a great command of English, it is a perfect choice. 31 colleges have separate accommodation, buildings, and rules. One can follow almost any specialization here and the diploma is respected worldwide. The only downside is that the competition to get in is pretty high and the tuition is quite expensive.

Oxford, UK

Oxford is another globally known and recognized British institution. It is also extremely old and some sources suggest that education here started in the 11th century. There are 39 colleges and several academic departments. It has a great library and provides prominent research opportunities for students. Overall, this is a great school for competitive and bright students.

The downsides are the same – it is hard to get in and the tuition is high. But acquiring a degree here can open almost any door in the future.

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

ETH Zurich is not only the best institution in Switzerland, it is one of the best in the world. It has several faculties, namely Architecture, Engineering, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Management and Social Sciences, etc. The main focus is on technical education, which this university is known for. It is quite prestigious because it offers excellent programs and lectures from top-notch professors. It is also known for many world-renowned alumni, including Albert Einstein (who also taught here). 21 of the graduates have become Nobel Prize laureates.

École Polytechnique, France

Those who are interested in Engineering and Science can study these disciplines in one of the best institutions in Europe. École Polytechnique has a long history and is known for its strong Mathematics focus and perfect research opportunities for students. Here, one can acquire a Bachelor’s degree in three years and get a double degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, or Mathematics and Economics. In any case, there will be a lot of Math, so if you enjoy it, it can be an excellent choice.

Maastricht University, the Netherlands

Maastricht is quite a young institution in comparison to others. But it has already acquired a reputation of a perfect place for getting a degree. And it is quite welcoming of international students. 50% of those who study here are international students, so it is a perfect place to meet people from all parts of the world. It is very democratic and innovative. There are 6 faculties, namely Arts and Social Sciences, Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Law, Psychology and Neuroscience, Science and Engineering, and Business and Economics. Basically, you can study almost anything here, the variety of specializations is pretty great.

University of Granada, Spain

This is an old and respectable institution that was founded in the 16th century. The University of Granada is located in a perfect location and offers an excellent education for international students. The 17 faculties specialize in various fields of knowledge. It is especially known for its Linguistic department and Arts faculty. But one can study Engineering or Pharmacy here, as well.

Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany

This is one of the best universities in Germany. This institution was founded in 1809 and has become one of the best places in Europe to get an excellent education. It has 12 faculties, where one can study anything from Law, Religion, and up to Agriculture. But it is most well-known for its Philosophy departments which provide outstanding programs. There are also several interdisciplinary centers, a great library, and a strong focus on research and practice.

In Summary

Education in Europe has many benefits, such as 3-years Bachelor programs, comparatively low tuition fees, and great academic opportunities. Of course, every institution is different and has its strong points. Choose the one that is suitable for your interests and aspirations.

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