Chris Grad - Dec 18, 2017
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The New Year’s Eve brings magical atmosphere. It is a unique evening that is generally enjoyed by people surrounded by family and friends. The travel enthusiasts however may set on an exciting journey and explore one of the top 5 destinations where the celebration of the end of 2017 will be quite special. invites you to travel and experience remarkable atmosphere of the following places.


Lapland is the home of Christmas. Here, the elderly and children can enjoy Santa's home and discover the northern lights, nature in its purest form and practice outdoor activities such as snowmobiling or take a reindeer sleigh safari. Lapland is one of the top 5 destinations for the New Year's Eve especially for the fact that you can enjoy it greatly with your children. There are many offers of adventure accompanied by some emblematic Santa Claus' elves helpers.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From the magical fireworks by the sea along Copacabana's iconic beach, to trendy cocktail bars, chic rooftop bars and mega nightclubs; New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro is quite unique! Apart from the energetic nightlife scenes, Brazil has many New Year traditions and superstitions. Indeed, celebrating New Year's Eve as a local requires: wearing white (a superstition that brings peace and prosperity) and honoring the goddess of the ocean by jumping seven waves while making seven vows at midnight.

New York, USA

Although eating grapes is a tradition of Spanish origin and its epicenter is Puerta del Sol in Madrid, who says it cannot be done in Times Square, in New York?
The famous Manhattan Square is filled with neighbors and tourists during the night of December 31 to welcome the new year and enjoy the show that offers the descent of the 'Square Ball Drop,' the decline of a giant ball that ends with the explosion of thousands of confetti.
But also, if you travel to New York during Christmas, you can enjoy various attractions such as the city's Christmas markets, the lighting of the iconic Rockefeller Center tree or the local celebrations that each neighborhood offers.

Freeport, Bahamas

A New Year in the Bahamas is not an opportunity exclusive to enjoying the sun, sand and sea, it is also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonderful Bahamian celebrations of Junkanoo. It is customary for tourists and locals to gather in colorful street parades to eat, drink, dance and celebrate the Bahamas' Mardi Gras. Travelers will be fascinated by the elaborate costumes and will undoubtedly want to take part in dancing to the wild rhythms that animate the streets.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan's New Year celebrations (also known as Shōgatsu) are a quiet time for reflection, unlike many Western-style festivities and that is the reason why the city is one of the top 5 destinations on the list. Locals will be taking part in Hatsumode to mark the first visit of the New Year's temple, with popular shrines like Meiji Jingu receiving thousands of visitors for their prayers to be heard by the gods.

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