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Go back in time and learn about the history of American Civil War. Explore the most popular civil war destinations around the country.

Antietam National Battlefield
Antietam National battlefield is a conserved civil war site located on Antietam creek in Sharpsburg, Maryland to memorialize the civil war battle from September 1862. It was a one day battle of the Union and the Confederate that either wounded or killed around a total of 23,000 soldiers from both sides. The tourists at the park are shown an hour documentary that covers the history of the Antietam civil war.

The park also holds major war monuments and civil war sights. The most popular landmark conserved in the park include the Dunker church, the Burnside's bridge and the cornfield while the popular monuments include mortuary cannons monument, union monument, confederate monument, artifacts and individual monuments.

Gettysburg National Military Park
Gettysburg National Military Park located in Pennsylvania close to Washington DC and Baltimore is yet another civil war site conserved to memorialize the 3 day battle that occurred in July 1863 and had around 51,000 fatalities. Gettysburg Park is a house to 377 foot long "Battle of Gettysburg" cyclorama canvas that is now restored to include a 3D forefront and placed in the new tourist center.

It is a home to some popular monuments and memorials. The park offers a guided 18 minutes driving tour to showcase monuments like Devil's Den, Little Round Top, Culp's Hill and Cemetery Ridge.

Manassas National Battlefield Park
Manassas National Battlefield Park at Virginia along Bull Run creek memorializes the conflict that took place in 1861 between Federal troops and Confederate forces. Another battle took place here in 1862 which was won again by the confederate troops. The park is conserved to include major war sites associated with the first and second Manassas battles. The major highlights of the park include Henry Hill tourist center that offers self-guided hiking tours that showcase important spots of the first battle, Stone House which was the headquarter of Union troops in the second battle, Stone bridge and the unfinished railroad cut.

Harper's Ferry
At the meeting junction of Shenandoah and Potomac rivers you can find Harper's Ferry, a historic town located in West Virginia that played vital role in the war. The town was raided by John Brown to seize weapons from the armory and take control of the town to fight against slavery. Today the town is re-established to highlight the John Brown's era, the American living and civil war history.

The popular Cobblestone street is a highlight to the ancient times where demonstrators dressed in 19th century costumes display activities of ancient times like candle making and candle dipping in homes and in front of their stores.

Richmond National Battlefield Park is a major civil war park that memorializes several civil war sites of the era when Richmond located in Virginia was the capital town of the Confederate state of America. Richmond national park covers the Overland campaign that took place in 1864, Seven days battle of 1862 and Richmond Petersburg campaign of 1864.

The tourist center at the park is the best place to get important maps of the civil war sites along with all the information pertaining to the monuments. The park offers a self-guided tour to the visitors. The park also showcases the main building which displays various artifacts and is house to gun foundry and woodwork shop.

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