Pat Hyland - Nov 2, 2021
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Numerous hotels of various types and of various quality offer their services worldwide. Some of them are independent; many form groups or hotel chains. What hotel groups have the most rooms? Get familiar with the top 10 largest hotel chains according to the 2021 data of MKG Hospitality. Brought to you by and Axel Hernborg from Tripplo.

1/ Marriott International

With more than 7500 hotels and over 14 000 rooms in 2021, Marriott International is the world’s largest hotel chain. Between 2020 and 2021 the amount of rooms increased from 1,358,400 to 1,400,289 room which is a growth of 3.1%.

2/ Jin Jiang

With more hotels than Marriott International, but with a less amount of rooms, Jin Jiang is the second-largest hotel chain in the world when looking at the room supply. In 2021 the Chinese company Jin Jiang operated more than 10,000 hotels with almost 1,100,000 rooms. The growth was 6.7% compared to last year.

3/ Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels is the third-largest hotel chain in the world. More than 600 hotels were added to its portfolio between 2020 and 2021. The growth of this group remains strong mainly in the US, Hilton’s home country. In 2021 Hilton Hotels operated 1,010,257 rooms which is a 4.9% increase from last year.

4 / InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG)

IHG was for many years the largest hotel chain in the world, today the group is No. 4 worldwide. The growth was only 0.3% between 2020 and 2021. InterContinental Hotel Group has almost 6000 hotels and  886,036 rooms in its portfolio.

5/ Wyndham Hotel Group

Wyndham Hotel Group is the world’s fifth-largest. This US hotel chain has had a 4.2% decrease in its rooms supply, which makes it the only western hotel chain in the top 10 with a lower amount of rooms compared to last year. In 2021 Wyndham Hotel Group owns 8,941 hotels with 795,909 rooms.

6/ Accor Group

This French hotel chain has more than 5000 hotels all over the world. Accor Group’s amount of rooms are more than 750,000, with annual growth of 3.1% in room supply. The growth has been steady for many years, for example, Accor Group also had a growth of about 3% between 2019 and 2020.

7/ Huazhu

Huazhu is another Chinese hotel group with a big amount of hotels and rooms in its portfolio. The chain operates almost 7000 hotels and has a room supply of 607,137 rooms. The growth compared to 2020 has been extremely high and between 2020 and 2021 the room supply growth was 23.2%.

8/ Choice Hotels

Recording a global room supply growth of 1.2%, American franchiser Choice Hotels has not moved from its 8th position in the ranking. In 2021 the hotel chain owns 7,147 hotels with a total room supply of 597,977 rooms. Choice hotels operates in over 40 countries all over the world.

9/ OYO

OYO is an Indian hotel chain which has been in a lot of trouble the last year. The room supply has decreased with 54.3% since last year. The company has had some really big problems in China and Europe which has caused this huge loss in room supply. Comparing to the 2020 hotel chains top 10 rank, OYO has lost 7 positions and is now down on position 9. OYO still operates more than 20,000 hotels with 449,000 rooms.

10/ BTH Hotels

BTH Hotels is the third Chinese hotel chain on the top 10 list. This chain has, just as Jin Jiang and Huazhu, had a high growth compared to 2020. The rooms supply grew with 6.6% between 2020 and 2021.

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  1. President & CEO, Promac Partnerhship

    The OLD Accor logo should be changed into a NEW one that was introduced already a few years ago.

    You may contact Evan Lewis below to get a copy of logo.

    Evan Lewis
    Vice President Communications - Asia Pacific

  2. Interesting to see these groups' 2008 development activity when we are already in January 2010.


  3. To Mr. Sohn

    We changed the old logo - thank you for you comment.



    SUBHASIS (India)
  5. so i was thinking

    which hotel would best suit me and my man? i need one with a durable bed and sound proofed walls.

    Curtits (Austria)
  6. Is this list of hotels group needing an update?

    At a global scale, things hadn\'t changed much since 2008 and these hotels group are still strong.

    But wouldn\'t it be interesting to update this list?

    Global Group Hotels (Spain)
  7. Is the of 10 top hotel is in numerical order or as nuber IHG is the best out 10 and so forth

    askaquil (Saudi Arabia)
  8. order

    The No 1 is the biggest hotel group.

    Editor (United Kingdom)
  9. Outdated List

    It is a nice list for it's era. I was expecting a more current list in order to plan my trips for 2021. Can we get a list that is from the last 2 years, instead of 12 years ago? Thanks for your time.

    Incafriend (USA)
  10. worlds top hotel chains


    We are into 2020 and the data is showing very old, appreciate the author to update the same.

    Aswin (India)

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