Tourism Review News Desk - Jan 17, 2011

There is no doubt that many destinations compete for Russian tourists, simply because Russians stay longer and spend more. Based on the latest analysis provided by European consulting company TCI Research, brings tourism entrepreneurs important recommendations how to win over Russian tourists.

Firstly, one need to take into account the strong effect word of mouth has among Russian people. Almost every second Russian tourist takes advice from friends or relatives when selecting travel destination. Travel agencies also play an important role in decision-making process, despite the fact that the use of Internet has increased when it comes to travel planning and booking.

Secondly, it is advisable to pay attention to local cuisine: Russians love the diversity of European and Mediterranean cuisine and usually do not worry about the prices in the area. However, in many cases, services in restaurants do not fully meet expectations of demanding Russian tourists, as the number of complaints about the services is twice higher than from other nationalities. According to the Russians, the local cuisine greatly affects the reputation of the destination and their decision to return to the country.

It is true that Russian tourists spend more money during holiday. However, in general they are also more demanding customers. On average, tourists from Russia tend to spend 12% more cash compared to tourists from other countries. Moreover, they often travel as a family or an organized group, thus indulging more in shopping, gastronomic pleasures and sightseeing. They also prefer to stay in middle or upper-class hotels, the quality of which is usually satisfying, although they sometimes complain about ‘the lack of hospitality’.

Inbound tourism can be also encouraged by highlighting the environmental advantages of destinations as Russian tourists are very fond of the good quality of the environment and enjoy beautiful landscapes, pleasant climate and cleanliness of the visited city.

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  1. Good article showing the light side of Russian tourist. This is a big help to agencies aiming to target sales on Russian tourists.

    Taj Frederick (Australia)

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