Andrew J. Wein - Oct 25, 2010

The figures of inbound tourism to Israel show that in the first half of the year 2010 Russian tourists visited the country more than Americans. Israel Ministry of Tourism and its marketing strategy to promote Israel as a tourist destination contributed to such results great deal.

In September 2010, Russia reached the first place in the number of tourists who had visited Israel leaving the United States behind once again. The figures show that 48,109 Russians came to Israel while only 38,872 visitors from the USA decided to spend their holiday in the country.

The total number of Russians who arrived in Israel between January and September 2010 has increased by 45% and reached 378,094 people. In the same period last year 258,993 Russians visited Israel. Thus the continuous implementation of a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote Israel as a tourist destination is paying off. 

Neta Peleg-Briskin, Counselor for tourism affairs for Russian Federation & CIS at Israel Ministry of Tourism, said that Russia along with the United States are priority source markets in the implementation of the strategy to promote Israel as a worthy tourist destination. So far, statistics have always been good.

Israel Ministry of Tourism has confirmed that the interest of Russian tourists in their country is rising. It is not surprising as any time in a year, every visitor to Israel is able to find exactly the kind of holiday they enjoy. On the other hand, Israel supports Russian tour operators in promoting new tourism programs aimed at increasing the number of flights as well as the quality of services for tourists.

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  1. Despite growing outbound tourism, the Russian inbound tourism is ridiculously low. Russia should address this as a matter of high priority.

    guest (Russia)

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