Ashley Nault - Nov 21, 2022
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Los Angeles is a place that's been on my dream list for years. I've always wanted to visit, but I never imagined it would be as good as I expected. It's a place where people from all over the world come together to make their dreams happen. There's a vast diversity in terms of food, culture, and just about anything else you can think of. If you're planning your first trip there, here are some things that will help make your experience more enjoyable.

Parking can be tricky

When you think about Los Angeles, you probably picture a city full of people driving everywhere. You see the iconic traffic jams on the highways and freeways. With so much to do and see in this sprawling metropolis getting from A to B is a must.

If you want to rely on something other than public transportation, consider investing in car-sharing services like Zipcar or Turo, which give users access without having to own their vehicle. You'll save money by using these services instead of owning your car; plus, they're fun and eco-friendly too!

Parking in LA can be expensive, and it can be hard to find parking spots.

  • Parking lots are costly, and street parking is usually packed.
  • Many parking spaces are available throughout LA: street parking, valet, meter or pay-and-display, residential zones and more. Each has its own rules about when it's legal for vehicles without permits to park there and how much time they're allowed before getting towed away by the police if left unattended for too long.
  • LA parking lots are more expensive than street parking, but they can be worth the money if you need a quick parking place. In addition, some parking lots are covered and have security guards, making them more reliable than street parking.
  • If you are looking for the cheapest options, then long term parking in Los Angeles is the one for you! If you stay for a month or more, you can find parking this way at reduced rates; these services are available through an app on your phone or website. You can put in your location and find spaces for as little as $130 a month, a real saving if you plan to park for more extended periods.

Public transport

Public transport in LA is one of the city’s greatest assets. It’s easy to use, and you can buy a single-day pass for $7.50 that gives you unlimited rides on Metro trains, buses and even the subway. If you plan to explore more than one neighborhood by foot or bike, this is the best option for getting around without having to drive or hail an Uber whenever you want to go somewhere new.

The TAP card system lets users pay their fares on bus routes and trains—and it also works with other public transit systems in Southern California, like Metrolink and LADOT (the Los Angeles Department of Transportation). In addition, you can load your card online before coming down here so that once it arrives in the mail, it will be ready for use right away when you get here!

Street food is delicious

Street food is delicious and cheap. You'll find it everywhere in LA, from the beach to the mountains to the city streets. It's usually healthier than fast food because it's prepared fresh, and you can find various flavors and styles of street food. It's also a great way to try new things because there are so many options for every taste! Plus, if you get bored with one type of street food, you can easily move on to another one down an alley or two away.

Bottled water is a must

You may think you know how much water you need to drink, but it's a good idea to be sure. The CDC recommends that adults drink roughly 3 liters (13.2 cups) of water daily—that's nine 8-ounce glasses!

In LA, there are trace minerals in the water, and even locals purchase filtered or bottled water. It won’t make you sick to drink tap water, but it is definitely preferred to go for bottled or filtered.

Thrift stores

There are some great deals at thrift stores. But there's also a chance you'll come across some unique vintage items you would not find on the high street. Of course, thrift stores are best for getting ideas and inspiration, but if you're looking to score a super-low-priced outfit, your best bet is to go early in the morning before it gets crowded with shoppers. LA has so many thrift stores on every corner!

Things move at a slower pace

Angelenos are friendly and easygoing. However, they don't move at breakneck speeds like some other places. There’s a slower pace of life here without as much hustle and bustle. It's okay if things don't get done quickly; sometimes, taking your time allows us all some much-needed rest before we get back into our regular routines.

Fame is everywhere

As you probably know by now, fame is everywhere in Los Angeles. The entertainment industry is big here, not just because of the movie stars and famous people visiting. You'll start to realize that there are a lot of aspiring actors and actresses who live here and take classes at local acting studios.

You also may find out about all the musicians who call LA home or just stop by for an extended period while working on their next album or tour route. There's no avoiding it; LA has become one of the most popular destinations for creative types worldwide!

People-watching is a favorite pastime of mine in LA. With so many interesting people, you’ll never be short of exciting conversations.


We hope we’ve been able to give you some tips to help make your time in Los Angeles more enjoyable. It is a brilliant city with lots to see and do, and with a bit of help, you can feel like a real Angeleno when you are there!

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