Andrew J. Wein - Sep 18, 2023
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A recent study by TikTok sheds light on the behavior of its users towards travel-related content. With a significant increase in users engaging with such content, tourism brands can benefit from establishing a stronger presence on the social network. Here are some outcomes to consider when creating a TikTok community for tourism businesses that are successful.

According to a study published by TikTok, since 2021, travel-related content views have increased by 410% on social media platforms. In addition, 71% of European users claim that they are likely to book their holiday based on the recommendations they have seen on TikTok.

The survey included French, British, German, and Spanish users, and 63% said they had discovered a new brand related to travel or tourism on TikTok.

One in four people make a travel list on TikTok regarding search and purchase intent. One in three people has already made a purchase related to travel on the platform. According to TikTok, 46% of respondents confirm that they have already published travel-related content, and 16% have commented on this type of content. Finally, 76% of users say they will likely book their vacation following TikTok recommendations.

The Chinese social network seems to be striving to overtake Instagram and become an interactive travel guide. The platform aims to provide users with content that greatly enhances their travel experience. This includes travel tips, recommendations, budget optimization tips, exclusive offers, and even first-person travel blogs and stories.

For tourism professionals, the ultimate goal is to build a community and make their brand the preferred destination for the TikTok audience. To achieve this, the social network recommends taking advantage of growing trends such as accessible luxury, local tourism, and ecotourism.

Collaboration with content creators, creating engaging ads, and regularly interacting with the audience are other ways to achieve this goal.

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