Gary Diskin - May 13, 2013
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If you don't ask, you will not get it. Thanks to reducing the size of airport seats to saving money on in-flight amenities, airlines have a cheap reputation today. However, for those who dare to ask, they may find that these airlines may not be as bargain-basement as they seem.

The next time a passenger has a headache or a thirst that requires more than the standard airline refreshments, they can simply ask for the things that they need. Listed below are 10 things on the 'just ask for' listings.

Wing Pins for Kids

Although most airlines do not offer free food and snacks to their passengers, most still have the little flyers wing pins available to celebrate their flights. Therefore, the children can ask the flight attendants for the wing pins.

The Whole Can

In the past, passengers normally felt extra special when they were on board. The airline stewardess appeared to supply drinks and snacks that were enough to keep them comfortable until they got to their next destination. Today, flight attendants will only pour a small amount from the can of soda before they give the passenger a little cup. Which means, the drink that is left over can be served to the next passenger. Instead of allowing the flight attendant to pour the rest of the can in another passenger's cup, the person can request the whole can.

Basic Medicines and Bandages

If a passenger has a splitting headache that will not go away, flight attendants can provide basic medications to their passengers. Most passengers will not know this unless they ask. This also includes asking for bandages.

Water-Bottle Refills

As long as a passenger is onboard the plane, flight attendants can refill their empty water bottles. This service is often needed and necessary because people must empty their water bottles before they can get to the plane.

Help Finding a Doctor

Sometimes a passenger may have a medical emergency, while on board. In these situations, the passenger can request assistance from a doctor. The stewardess will respond immediately by asking for a physician over the loud speaker.


When the flight attendants serve the passengers, they are instructed to serve specific amounts. However, if the person is still famished for whatever reason, they can ask for seconds and it can be granted – as long as the flight attendant has leftovers.

Help Switching Seats

Sometimes people may be traveling together, but they are seated in different places. Asking for a switch in seating is also legal to do. However, most flight attendants are more receptive when the passenger waits until everyone has been seated in the proper places.

Short-Term Babysitting

Flying alone with small children can be difficult for any mother. Sometimes the mother will need help. Based on specific airline rules, the attendants can provide short-term babysitting, e.g. when the mother needs to use the bathroom.

Cockpit Tours

With all of the security concerns in airports today, most people may think that the cockpit is off limits but it is not. If a passenger asks, many pilots will provide the tour at the end of the flight. In fact, some pilots love to share their offices with passengers that have an interest, specifically the children.

Sanitizing Wipes

With all of the germs that people pass today, sanitizing wipes are also available via the assistance of flight attendants.

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