Denise Chen - May 10, 2010

The youngest and the most accurate astronomical clock was finished last year in a Slovakian village. The locals expect that the newest attraction should draw increased numbers of visitors.


The world’s most accurate computer controlled astronomical clock can be found in a small Slovakian village Stara Bystrica. The clock, which is likely to draw the attention of tourists, was finished only last year and such is probably also the youngest astronomical clock in the world. Among its “no. 1” qualities is also the fact that it is the biggest wooden statue in Slovakia – it represents Virgin Mary. It is also the only astronomical clock in the country, reported

The tower of the astronomical clock hides two bells – one of them is for time announcements and the other creates a background for the movement of seven wooden apostles. There are also six bronze statues of remarkable people that significantly affected Slovakian history. Among them is e.g. the statue of prince Pribina, prince Svatopluk, or Milan Rastislav Stefanik.  

The most important, however, is the astrolabe, the machine that shows astronomical midday, as well as the position of moon and sun. Slovak holidays and important days are marked by red stars.

The astrolabe was made by a Czech company for ca. €133,000. The villagers are proud that the astronomical clock is much more accurate than its more famous “brother” in Prague. No wonder, the clock in Prague has managed to attract tourists for several centuries – it is exactly 600 years older.

Under the astronomical clock a new gallery and information center was also opened to provide visitors with all essential information not only about the history and importance of the clock but also about other tourism highlights in the region including Spis Castle, a UNESCO site, or an open-air museum in Vychylovce.

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