Nils Kraus - Sep 4, 2007

Recent surveys have shown that some of the world’s supposed hot spots are not as hot as they should, or used to be. For a variety of reasons, Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, the great Pyramids and Las Ramblas of Barcelona has dipped significantly in popularity, particularly amongst Britons, in recent years and tourists in search of a spectacular experience are now avoiding the traditional landmarks and spreading their wings further afield.


Each of the above-mentioned attractions came against criticism for differing reasons.


Stonehenge has been branded, perhaps harshly, a mere lump of stones. The main reason for such a brutal piece of criticism derives from the fact that it is situated directly on the junction between the A303 and A344. This unfortunate positioning takes away the ancient atmosphere of the site. Similarly, the Angel of the North in Gatehead has been labelled nothing more than ugly and not doing justice to the countryside.


The Eiffel Tower has also come under a deep amount of criticism. It is generally visited by 5 million Britons every year, one quarter of which have called it a flop. It is deemed frustratingly overcrowded and overpriced. The Statue of Liberty, the welcoming point for thousands of 20th century immigrants to the United States, has been deemed a waste of time to visit as tourists are no longer allowed to go up to the torch or the crown. The street, which Lorca never wanted to end, Las Ramblas in Barcelona has been viewed very differently by its visitors as they are constantly put off by the amount of commercialism and petty crime in the area.


As a result of such criticism, tourists are now turning their attention to different landmarks and attractions, for example in Australia or remote parts of Asia. The classic destinations are no longer so prominent on every tourist’s list of places to see and visit.


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