Laura Maudlin - Feb 2, 2014
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If you think you have seen everything and you are bored with typical tourist destinations, you will surely want to check the top 7 world’s weirdest guided tours. These offbeat tours are anything but normal and can make you see countries and cities with different eyes. From alien crop circles to the locations where notorious criminals lived each destination is remarkable and fascinating. Brought to your by

Alien Crop Circles


Many people know about the cool rock bands, afternoon tea, or the famous Big Ben in the UK. But some may be interested in unexplained phenomena, places where there were alien visitations, or the mysterious Stonehenge. Crop Circle Tours involve flights over alien crop circles using small planes and having a walk through the circles while listening to stories about how they have been created. The energies in these places can cause strange behaviors for cameras and laptops.

The Vegas Mob Tour

Las Vegas, USA

By participating in this tour, you will be able to see murder sites and hangout places of mobs. Even if today Las Vegas is a friendly place where you can find great hotels, dinner buffets or various shows, the Mafia was involved in its early development. Sin City had a dangerous history. While visiting the places where murders happened, you will listen to stories that will change your perspective about the city for good.

Chernobyl Wasteland


Today it is possible to visit the city of Chernobyl, where a nuclear disaster happened in 1986. The accident is known as the most disastrous event that involved a nuclear power plant. The place still has some spots of radiation, becoming now a deserted location. The tour takes you to different spots of the Exclusion Zone, which is twenty miles long. Groups will be taken at approximately one hundred feet from reactor number four of the Chernobyl Power Plant. A stop is made at the village of Kopachi, which is almost buried.

The Stinky Underground Sewers

Paris, France

Even if at the surface Paris is a city with pleasant smells of exotic perfumes, croissants or newly-popped wine cork, under the ground you can feel the stinky smell of sewers. Once you go down the ignored part of the city, you will know a different history of it. Once the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Notre Dame Cathedral have been visited, you should not miss the dirty tour through the sewers.

Guided by Criminals

San Pedro Prison, Bolivia

As a tourist, you can pay criminals to guide you through the prison of the city of La Paz. The authorities have not allowed this, but curious people can bribe the guards to let them visit a prison from which many people desire to escape. In the San Pedro prison, things are different because the families of the convicted ones can live with their locked up relatives. There are decent living conditions here for prisoners who have money, but the poor ones live among the rats.

Bollywood Movie behind the Scenes

Mumbai, India

Regular tours in India are performed around cultural or historical monuments as well as temples. Tourists who want something unusual can visit the Bollywood film studios. Many companies provide an overview of this colorful world of India, behind the scenes of a movie. The studios make more than eight hundred movies every year, twice as many as in Hollywood. Most of the productions are love stories, featuring more than one hundred dancers.

Bob Marley Adventure


Tourists know Jamaica for its tropical environment that involves crystal clear waters and awesome resorts. A representative figure of Jamaica is the reggae legend Bob Marley, who was also an avid smoker of marijuana. Multiple companies can take you on tours to see how Bob Marley lived. You will be able to visit the Rastafarian population in the area known as Nine Mile. There is also a secret tour of a live plantation of marijuana.

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