Pat Hyland - Mar 27, 2023
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In 2022, expenses by U.S. tourists in Italy exceeded seven billion euros. They are among the highest-spending travelers. Thanks to the extras, the increase is between 30% and 50% of the fees.

American visitors have always been one of the main source markets for the Italian travel and hospitality industry. In 2019, 44.8 million Americans traveled abroad; of these 6.1 million chose Italy, producing 16.4 million overnight stays and generating an overall turnover close to 6 billion euros.

Regardless of the target, they are tourists of a medium-high socio-economic and cultural level with a strong interest in Made in Italy: from art to culture, from food and wine to fashion, from craftsmanship to the most authentic villages.

Italy is at the fourth place among the tourist destinations most appreciated by Americans who, after the two-year pandemic, came back to travel to Italy in 2022. According to the latest Confcommercio study, overseas tourism, thanks also to the strong dollar, has returned to the levels of 2019, with 4.4 million visitors to accommodation facilities between last July and September and spending of over 2.1 billion euros, a value of 20% higher than that of 2019 for the same period.

The importance of the top spenders for the national tourist economy is confirmed by three leading players in Italian accommodation system active in three destinations especially desired by U.S. tourists.

As far as desires and habits are concerned, the American guests’ stay is characterized by the need to experience Italian history, art, culture and gastronomy. Guests staying at the 5-star luxury hotels are looking for one-and-only experiences in addition to relaxation and luxury.

Those who opt for the 4-star facilities, on the other hand, prefer softer experiences. While the younger ones look for more lifestyle stays, with sporting moments and tours in Milan or Switzerland.

Speaking about the hotel’s choice, American customers prefer unique experiences even in hotels.

American luxury-oriented tourists rely on qualified operators and agencies or book hotels through dedicated sales channels. However, the direct segment is increasing, with customers who contact hotels directly via website or email.

American tourists do not have particular budget problems, so they choose rooms and suites with average daily rates, a four figures price! Americans like a lot to use hotels’ food & beverage services which represent a significant share of extra revenues for hotels. Obviously, the average expenditure depends on the time of year and the property chosen.

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