Joe McClain - Mar 16, 2023
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Accidents can happen in various ways on a Carnival Cruise ship, and knowing your legal right is essential if you are hurt. According to a Carnival cruise accident lawyer, regardless of how your injury occurred, you can file a lawsuit against the Carnival cruise line if it was due to someone else's negligence. However, doing so can be challenging, especially if you do not live close to where the Carnival cruise line is registered.

The top five types of accidents that can occur on a Carnival cruise ship are:

Slip and Fall

Even on a cruise ship, you can expect water on deck. However, the crew is responsible for protecting you from harm and must move or keep any hazardous conditions away. Water on the deck or other spills may cause you to slip.

Explosions, Fires, or Other Hazards

Cruise lines must adhere to strict safety regulations and protocols to reduce the risk of explosions, fires, or other emergencies. But when these are not followed, you or other passengers can be injured.

Trip and Fall

There are various opportunities throughout a Carnival cruise ship for trip and fall accidents, including multi-purpose deck areas, observation decks with poorly placed equipment, or poorly constructed steps.

Illnesses Caused by Contaminated Water or Food

Sadly, cruise ship passengers can get sick or fall victim to highly infectious and contagious diseases that can range from Norovirus to food or water poisoning. While cruise ships are required to offer clean drinking water, they sometimes fail, causing passengers to get sick. Moreover, if the food is cooked improperly or bacteria gets into the food supply, it may lead to many people onboard becoming sick.

Assault and Battery

Unfortunately, battery and sexual assault are more common on cruise ships than many realize. Negligent security or poorly lit areas can result contribute to crimes.

The last thing you consider when planning your Carnival cruise is what to do if you are injured onboard. You should be thinking about all the fun you'll have. But cruise ship accidents do happen. If you are hurt on a Carnival cruise ship, you may need a legal team to help you win your case. Whether you have been injured in a slip and fall accident or while participating in a shore excursion, a cruise ship accident attorney has the legal knowledge that you need to protect your rights.

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