Joe McClain - Dec 16, 2008
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Spa tourism presents one of the major branches of this industry and has gained remarkable popularity worldwide. The work-pace is unlikely to slow down in the upcoming months and thus the need to ‘recharge’ and distress will be essential for many.  SpaFinder has recently published a report dealing with the immediate future of the spa industry, its trends and future forecast.

What is essential for the future is the diversification of spa visitors. The times are gone, where the – now very old-fashioned – concept of spas presented a few pools and bubble baths, and perhaps several additional exercises and treatments. Nowadays, wellness is considered as something closely connected with physical as well as mental health.

An idea that literally hit the jackpot was to create spas or wellness centers in casinos. Here, the wallets are wide open and with the tension and thrill of the games, anyone would appreciate a massage or a few minutes of sound therapy. This trend has been conquering the world – from Asia to the U.S. luxurious gambling venues are being combined with spa facilities that sparkle with invention and attractive treatment styles.

Medical tourism has been according to the report on the rise as well – specialized clinics and facilities which combine the wellness and strictly medical aspect offer a convenient opportunity to recuperate after surgery in a peaceful and discreet environment.  Discreetness is essential for beauty treatment as well – and the clientele is increasing.

Busy lifestyle demands a proper relaxation – with lack of time, de-stressing while traveling has turned into a number one choice of many businessmen. Luxurious trains, cruise ships, even planes are nowhere to save the day.

The hottest trend, is – according to SpaFinder – ‘brain workout’. Apparently, proper care of the body AND soul accomplishes real magic. Reaching a mental balance is on-demand and those who wish to keep up will need to add mind fitness on the list!

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