Kevin Eagan - Sep 9, 2008
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The thousands of tourists that visit Egypt each year do not need to worry about what to do and see. The first association that flies into one’s mind as soon as the word Egypt is uttered is the Pyramids of Giza. To be in Egypt without taking a picture of these ancient symbols of long lost greatness is unacceptable. Unfortunately, the previous centuries were not as kind and respectful to these treasures and thus, many precious artifacts were lost or badly damaged. It is often considered a miracle, when a new discovery is made and presented to the public.


The most magnificent of the pyramids built for King Khufu is approximately 4.500 year old. In 1954, during routine cleaning at the south side of the Great Pyramid, two boat pits were discovered. Subsequent excavation works resulted in an amazing find of a cedar boat and other equipment, such as mats, ropes and oars. Being this ancient, the experts had to remove the boat piece by piece with special care. For nearly two decades, preservation works were being conducted in order to restore it as much as possible.


The solar boat is not the only spectacular aspect of the discovery: together with the boat, inscriptions and marks were found on the walls as well as 18 cartouches which also mention Khufu’s son, Djedefre. The cedar boat is now on display in a museum above the pit.


All together, there were five boat pits found on the spot. The second one has only recently been introduced to the public. At the moment, tourists visiting this place have a unique opportunity to explore the room via an intricate system of cameras. One feels as if they are stepping into the glorious times of ancient Egypt and discovering its secrets.

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