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The untamed wilderness of Australia has gained an outstanding reputation among hikers and trekkers. There are plenty of opportunities to explore local difficult and very diverse terrain; anyone who enjoys striking scenery and appreciates natural treasures will certainly adore one of Australia’s major landmarks, the Mount Remarkable National Park. The park is situated in South Australia, some 250 km away from the state capital, Adelaide. It lies in the Southern Flinders Ranges and its varied character makes it a backpacker’s paradise. It stretches over an area of 16,000 hectares, from a coastal plain to the foothills above Wilmington.


Mount Remarkable was named by Edward John Eyre in 1840. Its original inhabitants were the Nukunu people, who called this reserve ‘Wangyarra’; eventually, they were pushed away by European settlers. The park itself was officially established in 1952 and its dramatic mountain scenery and natural diversity turn the park into a perfect destination for camping, bushwalking and other recreational activities.


As the park is relatively accessible, many adventurers come here for just one day and explore the shorter paths. The choices are vast. The most popular sites well worth visiting are the Alligator Gorge, Mambray Creek, or hike up the Mount Remarkable itself.


For those who wish to spend several days, there are two separate areas available for camping. There are 52 individual campsites within the main campground. One of the most appealing aspects of the Mount Remarkable National Park is the local fauna. Euros, Western Grey Kangaroos or Emus move freely across the park. However, tourists should keep an eye out for the lizards and snakes that are local common inhabitants and most of them are venomous.

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