Andrew J. Wein - May 6, 2008

Dubai is known for its magnificent multi million projects. It is world renowned tourism destination and it is also successful in commerce. These days, Dubai wants to influence the cultural world. The newly created Dubai Culture and Arts Authority is to deliver plans for the first world’s museum of prophet Muhammad.


Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is both the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and the ruler of Dubai, urges the authority to proceed with the plan. The museum will describe the life of the prophet. There will be descriptions of various important events in the prophet’s life and the museum also should explain the fundamental aspects of Islam. It should show how Muhammad changed the course of human history and explain his legacy to the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims. The museum is hoped to create a bridge of understanding between the Islamic world and other countries. Omer bin Suleiman, the managing director of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority said it will give the world an opportunity to learn about the life and message of prophet Muhammad. The founders of the museum believe it will show the message of eternal love and peace they believe Muhammad gave the world.


Nevertheless, some people do not believe the museum will be able to provide a true picture of the man.  Europeans do clearly remember what has happened after Danes and other nations put the pictures of the prophet in their newspapers. The critics ask how the museum will explain the story of Muhammad’s life without pictures. It is also a question whether or how the museum will explain some less complimentary facts about the prophet. Perhaps museums are more useful for science than for matters of religious believes.


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