Laura Maudlin - Jul 1, 2008

What is the most northern town in the world? Hammerfest in Norway. The town’s primacy of its location is also the biggest reason for people to visit Hammerfest which has slightly more than 9000 inhabitants. What many tend to neglect is that the town boasts an array of available activities mostly connected to nature, extremely friendly people and a vast area for recreational activity. The town also has very interesting history which tickles the interest of most visitors. Three different tribes lived and still live in Hammerfest and the surrounding Kvalsund, providing further attractivity for tourists.
Hammerfest is now very important for fishing and trade, especially ice fishing. Norwegians and foreign visitors can take part in this activity almost all year round as the brutal northern weather tends not to limit winter activities near the Arctic Circle. The area for recreation covers around 1850 square meters, so there is plenty of choice in terms of finding a suitable location.
For mountain lovers, Hammerfest is far from short of peaks. The highest point is called Seilandsjokelen at 986m. This particular point is usually the focus of tourists who wish to take part in such activities. For those who just wish to see some interesting places, Hammerfest can also cater. There is a large range of rock carvings from various tribes of people and a Sami church. The Sami are a tribe of people, who mostly live in Finland. Plus, there is the first tidal power station in the world for those interested in such places. However, the biggest attraction of Hammerfest is simply the wild and almost untouched countryside.


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