Michael Trout - Apr 8, 2008
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When the New7Wonders campaign started, thousands of people were very keen on submitting their suggestions and votes. Immediately after the decision was passed regarding the seven man-made wonders, a new campaign “New Seven Wonders of Nature” was initiated. The poll is organized by the non-profit New Seven Wonders Foundation. In this case, it is the natural wonders which are being selected. And the list of nominees has been growing rapidly.


Out of all the nominees, the Top 77 Official Supported Nominees are chosen. In the second round, a carefully selected committee will decide upon the 21 finalists.  The names of the committee members will be revealed only after the final vote takes place, in order to secure a fair and clear voting process.


The nominees are very diverse. Bodies of water already on the list include the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia or the Dead Sea. Striking canyons which have gained considerable support are the infamous Grand Canyon in the U.S. and Colca Canyon in Peru. The ever charming waterfalls include the Iguassu Falls in Brazil and Argentina, Victoria Falls in Zambia, Angel Falls in Venezuela – and naturally the Niagara Falls between the U.S. and Canada. The list of nominees presents islands as well – Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands and Yemen’s Socotra Island. Norweigan Geirangerfjord is also to be found on the list of nominated wonders. The first voting stage is to be announced soon – and is eagerly followed by numerous countries around the globe. After all, priding oneself with a natural wonder is an amazing opportunity which may help the tourist industry to blossom.

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