Tomas Haupt - Jul 1, 2008

The modern way of life is very hectic, exhausting and to label it ‘busy’ sounds about right. Many people often complain about the level of stress they regularly face and how difficult it is for them to fight it. The demand for precious relax time in New Zealand has naturally brought about the response and the local spa industry has become considerably big. Nowadays, it represents a very profitable branch of the tourist business. They are a valuable haven from work and all trouble. According to recent research, the industry has massively grown in the last five years in New Zealand.


The number of spa resorts in New Zealand has grown by some 88% within the last five years. The great aspect of many of these extremely popular facilities is the fact they are completely natural. The country has an unbelievable natural potential, including a large number of hot springs. Thus, the guests will not only enjoy the true natural spa, but also relax in an environment which is completely unaltered by men.


One of the most famous spa resorts are located in the Rotorua regions. The guests will definitely not face clinical whiteness and a seemingly inert environment, strongly reminding them of hospitals. Here, everything is ‘made by nature’. There are no claustrophobic rooms in the resorts full of artificial light. There are many natural hot springs and bubbling pools of sulphur-laden mud here. The rewarding vistas are only a very welcome bonus.


The resources available to the locals are so rich that even a much higher increase in newly opened resorts is very probable in the future. Apparently, tourists are willing to do anything to get the best value for their money, no matter how far they need to go.


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