Samuel Dorsi - Dec 14, 2009
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One of the important aspects of any holiday is the nature of the locals. Are they friendly, helpful and full of smiles? Or rather cold and reserved? FutureBrand for the third time focused in their Country Brand Index on the friendliness of locals and ranked the top 10 country brands according to the nature of the population. So where do we find the most amicable people? Brought to you by

1. Fiji

For each of the three years that Friendly Locals has been measured in the Country Brand Index, Brand Fiji has been ranked in the Top 10 for this measure. As a nation renowned for the warmth, hospitality and naturally friendly disposition of its people, it is no surprise that Fiji rose to the top position in 2009. Here the citizens themselves combine with the natural beauty of this idyllic archipelago to create a true paradise in the South Pacific.

2. Ireland

Building on a tradition of the craic—fun, entertainment and enjoyable conversation—Brand Ireland ranked as the #2 country for Friendly Locals for the second consecutive year. The genuinely friendly and welcoming Irish culture is focused around conversation and community and remains one of Ireland’s most charming attractions for visitors.

3. Aruba

Achieving the #3 position for Friendly Locals for 2009, Aruba has a well-established and ingrained philosophy of being “One Happy Island.” The island’s year-round sunny climate gives rise to a laidback culture and lighthearted lifestyle. The Aruban way of life is easygoing and upbeat, with a people who are quick to smile and always friendly.

4. Thailand

“The Land of Smiles” ranked at #4 this year for Friendly Locals due to the warm hospitality and generally happy dispositions of the Thai people. As well as being friendly and welcoming, Thais are known for their incredible sense of humor and lighthearted spirit—qualities that make it easy to make new friends.

5. Bermuda

With an open culture and heritage of friendly, welcoming locals, Bermuda lives up to its promise to visitors—that they will “Feel the Love.” The country has a reputation of having some of the world’s warmest people, making it a natural for the #5 ranking in Friendly Locals.

6. Tahiti

Since the days of Captain Cook, the people of Tahiti have been captivating visitors with the warmth of their welcome and their friendly joie de vivre. The #6 ranking for Friendly Locals is largely due to the hospitable nature of Tahitians, which today—in much the same way as in the 18th century—makes visitors never want to leave.

7. Trinidad & Tobago

Ethnically diverse, the proud and peaceful nation of Trinidad & Tobago is a place where life and music are celebrated, the sun shines brightly and the locals are gregarious and accommodating. Generosity is a vital element of the local ethos and the reason the country ranked #7 for Friendly Locals in 2009, the first year this Caribbean nation was included in the Country Brand Index.

8. Uruguay

Delightfully low-key and hospitable, Uruguay is ranked #8 for Friendly Locals because of the easygoing character of its people. Whether among the traditional gauchos of the countryside or modern urban dwellers in Uruguay, the people are known to enjoy life and are renowned for their warmth and good manners.

9. Canada

Brand Canada—ranked #9 for Friendly Locals this year—is a culturally diverse nation known for its friendly, tolerant and open-minded people. Canadians tend to have a warm and welcoming disposition, which manifests in both their focus on community and their open and welcoming culture.

10. New Zealand

New Zealand is ranked #10 for Friendly Locals due to the welcoming and outgoing disposition of its citizens. The casual charm and easy familiarity of New Zealanders can be experienced in their easygoing hospitality and their well-known practice of offering assistance to strangers without being asked.

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  1. Travel with a Challenge web magazine editor

    Conspicuous by their absence, European countries do not feature in this list except for Ireland, and yet they remain the most visited destinations in the world. Does that mean we travelers don't value local friendliness as a key decision-making factor in our vacations? Or is it just that the overwhelming amount of visible and accessible heritage attractions, contemporary cultural richness and less-than-laid-back continental lifestyle override the rest and relaxation friendliness of classic sun and sand destinations?


    Uruguay nr 8....can't believe Brazil did not make the list!!!!!

  3. Turkeys For Life

    Where is Turkey? Overwhelming friendliness from the locals towards foreign holiday makers.

  4. Friendly Isles

    I would not be surprised having to see FIJI ranked 1 in top 10 of friendly locals. Genuine warmth and friendliness as they pass you by with a big BULA smile on their face. I am proud to be Fijian :D

    Wanderer (Fiji)

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