Andrea Hausold - Jan 13, 2009

Perfume passion happens to be a rather overpowering characteristic – there is no going back once anyone gets absorbed by the seductive power of magical scents. For thousands of years, we have been discovering the power of perfumes and scented water so many experiments have been conducted with a single aim to create the ultimate perfume which will be simply irresistible. The hearts of honest-to-god perfume devotees are about to skip a beat – the International Perfume Museum has recently been re-opened. Double in its original size, it pays a tribute to the history, myth and beauty of perfume.

The museum was initially opened in 1989 in Grasse, France. This town goes long back and if there is a center of perfume universe, this is it. Grasse is the birthplace of the modern-day concept of perfume production, with some thirty companies creating perfumes here. This true kingdom of scents gained its reputation already in the 16th century and local large flower plantations and lavender fields leave no one to doubt – this is where the passion begins.

The International Perfume Museum presents an impressive collection of themed articles of perfume-connection; monitoring the 4000 years of its history, the visitors begin with the Egyptian times, travel through ancient Greece and Rome to the Middle Ages, Renaissance to modern-day image of perfumes. The unique collection of flasks, other related objects, presentation of diverse perfume production techniques, exhibition of soaps as well as cosmetics draw a comprehensive picture of all there is to know about perfumes. The highlight of the exhibition is the precious “neccesaire” which was the ultimate beauty box of the infamous beheaded French Queen Marie Antoinette.

Having re-opened only in October, the museum is drawing much desired attention and its plans for the future are grand. More projects are to be based here; a wider variety of themed exhibits and trade shows are only the beginning.


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