The Longest Roller-Coasters of the World

Joe McClain - Feb 23, 2009
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Yet another research by the German e-magazine! These people must be really enthusiasts, riding all those roller coasters just to let us know which one is the longest, the fastest, the tallest, simply the best. This time, speed is not what matters but do not worry – you won’t be forced to ride a kids’ choo-choo train. The magazine focused on the length of the ride, because the longer you ride, the longer you enjoy the speed and the more fun you have. Let’s check it with!

1/ Steel Dragon 2000, Japan

Length: 2.479 m
Here is our winner! Built to celebrate the “Year of the Dragon”, the Steel Dragon 2000 is the world’s tallest roller-coaster to utilize a traditional chain lift. But this is besides the point in this competition – except for this record, it also holds one being the roller-coaster with the longest track – exactly 2.479m. Its building required enormous amounts of steel, as the park is situated in an earthquake zone. Thus, the price rose up to $50,000,000. Steel Dragon 2000 can be found in Nagashima Spa Land, Nagoya, Japan.

2/ Daidarasaurus, Japan

Length: 2.340 m
The second position of Daidarasaurus is quite disputable for some people. Originally, this 1970 built giant was a two track racing coaster. These two tracks were later connected to give you one extraordinarily long ride. Whatever people think, the ride experience you get from this roller-coaster situated in Osaka, Japan, is really amazing – and that is what matters anyway. By the way, have you noticed that Japan occupies the first two ranks? They hold the rule – work hard, play hard!

3/ Ultimate, UK

Length: 2.286 m
Finally one representative of Europe in the roller-coasters’ top 10 broke the dominancy of the USA and Japan. The Ultimate can be found and ridden in Lightwater Valley amusement park near the small Cathedral city of Ripon, in North Yorkshire, England. For 10 years since its construction in 1991 until 2001 it was the longest roller-coaster of the world. Here you can enjoy a ride of 5 minutes and 50 seconds, which is certainly quite long!

4/ Fujiyama, Japan

Length: 2.034 m
Seems like the Japanese are the true kings in this branch, as three coasters out of the top 5 are situated somewhere on the islands. This one can be found in Fuji-Q Highland, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan. It was opened in 1996 and at that time, it was the tallest roller-coaster in the world with 79 meters and also had the largest drop (71,5 meters). Since then, both these records have been broken and thus the fourth position in the length charts is all that is left. It is still something to be proud of though.

5/ Millenium Force, USA

Length: 2.010 m
Here is one from the Cedar Point Sandusky, Ohio and thus the longest roller-coaster in the USA. There are 14 roller-coasters in the Cedar Point amusement park and this one is for sure worth trying. The Millennium Force is 95m tall in its highest point and was the first roller-coaster to utilize a cable lift system. It offers the riders an amazing 2:45 minutes ride with two tunnels as a bonus.

6/ California Screamin, USA

Length: 1.851 m
Another American one, this time from Disney's California Adventure, Anaheim, California. The ride here takes exactly 2:36 min and the maximum speed is nearly 90 km/h. Except for being the 6th longest roller-coaster in the world and the second one on the American continent, it also holds the record in the longest ride to go upside down.

7/ Desperado, USA

Length: 1.781 m
For the third and yet not the last time, an American giant. On this roller-coaster, you can feel the power of up to 4,0G in some moments of the overall 2:43 min long ride with top speed about 130 km/h and thus find out what it feels like to be an air-fighter pilot! And where can you get all this? In Buffalo Bill's Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. And a bonus: a portion of the ride runs right through the interior of the casino!

8/ Gao, Japan

Length: 1.734 m
There is not much to say about this roller coaster, except for the fact that the ride takes 3:56 min with an average speed of 26,45 km/h. That is not much and it might be quite boring considering what 30km/h looks and feels like in a car. Nevertheless, length is what matters here and in this parameter, Gao occupies the 8th position. You can find it in Mitsui Greenland, Arao-shi, Japan.

9-10/ Steel Force, USA

Length: 1.680 m
The ride on this 1.680m long roller-coaster takes 3:00 min and the passenger car reaches the top speed of 120 km/h after the first drop of 62 meters. It is the longest roller-coaster on USA’s East coast, you can ride it at Dorney Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania, and except for the usual twists and turns, you can also find here two tunnels, each 35 meters long.

9-10/ Mamba, USA

Length: 1.680 m
It was opened in the Worlds Of Fun Kansas, Missouri, USA in 1998 and is often compared to its sister roller coaster Steel Force, with which it shares not only the last rank in this top 10 and thus length, but also the top speed of 120 km/h and the height of the first drop.

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