Pat Hyland - Sep 5, 2019
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According to the UNWTO International Tourism Highlights, published at the end of August, France remains the top tourist destination with respect to international arrivals. Last year, the international tourist arrivals grew 5% and reached the 1.4 billion mark, two years ahead of the WTO’s long-term forecast. On the other hand, the export earnings generated by tourism grew to USD 1.7 trillion, an increase of 4%. Tourism Review presents the key figures regarding

1.4 billion international tourists

In 2018, 1.4 billion people arrived in a country that was not theirs for a tourist stay, an attendance up 5.4% year on year. "With such growth, we must take our responsibility to avoid the adverse effects of tourism," said Zurab Pololikashvili, UNWTO Secretary-General, in the report. Countries and businesses must adapt to remain competitive while taking into account sustainable development.

7% growth for Africa and Asia

If the Old Continent retains its first place as a tourist destination, with 710 million visitors in 2018, Asia and Africa are the new trend destinations, with 7% growth in arrivals. The Asia-Pacific region has 348 million international tourists. But it is mainly the South, with India and Sri Lanka, which records the highest increase. Africa, which attracted 67 million foreigners, is driven by the countries of the north, Tunisia, and Morocco in particular.

$ 214 billion for the United States

While France has the most international tourists, it is the United States which earned the most. In 2018, they earned $ 214 billion (or 194 billion euros) in revenue, against only 67 billion in France. But if we look at the figures per visitor, Luxembourg is better than everyone else. Each foreign tourist brought in about $ 4,900, or € 4,450.

Chinese are the biggest spenders

In 2018, the cumulative spending of Chinese tourists was more than 277 billion dollars (250 billion euros) or one-fifth of international tourism expenditure. China was followed by the United States and Germany.

48% of tourists are European ...

One in two international tourists was European. European travel is facilitated by visa exemptions. But while Europeans willingly leave their country, they leave their continent little. Four out of five tourists are content to visit their neighbors.

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    With the rapid increase of tourists, the tourism economy has also developed rapidly, and tourism income has gradually become an important part of the overall income. But how to maintain this trend is a difficult problem. I think we need to innovate constantly in the tourism industry, so as to attract tourists, and then create a good camp for tourists. Creating a Good Tourism Environment

    REN SHUAI SHUAI (Afghanistan)
  2. Tourism development

    With the development of economy, tourism also is in rapid detection, but the problems in the tourism development is also a lot of, how to make the trend of the development of the travel more stable is a very important problem, so we can collect or considering some problems, and then make a solution in advance, make tourism development trend is more stable.

    SANGGUOXIANG (Afghanistan)
  3. tourism review

    With the rapid development of globalization, tourism as a tertiary industry has grown and expanded. Europe and the United States are still the largest destination for inbound tourism. China has become the largest consumer country. I think this has caused an imbalance. However, with the gradual saturation of tourism economy, the growth of Asia and Africa has gradually increased by 7%. Tourism market, which presents a good tourism situation.

    LiYingYing (China)

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