Andrea Hausold - May 13, 2008

Australia offers many wonders to the world. The characteristic fauna and flora is very unique and many species are nowhere else to be found except at some specific locations within this vast country. Australian nature is a magnet for those who wish to observe ecosystems and discover rare species of animals as well as plants. One of the ideal holiday spots is the Kakadu National Park. Located in Australia’s Northern Territory, it is an unbelievable place swarming with rare fauna and flora. For this reason, it has been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


The park itself is impressively huge; it is the size of Israel and extends some 200km from north to south and over 100 km from east to west. Its name is derived from the mispronounced ‘Gagudju’ which is the name of an Aboriginal language spoken in the area. According to scientists, same inhabitants have been living here for nearly 40,000 years and thus Kakadu is very rich in heritage sites (5000 have been already recorded) which illustrate the Aboriginal culture.


Bird lovers have a perfect opportunity to design great itineraries which will take them to a very colorful variety of bird species, such as sea eagles, pelicans, egrets, herons, ducks and spoonbills.


There are several options for discovering the park; some prefer to explore Kakadu from bird perspective – and go for a scenic flight. There is a possibility of going on a small plane or even helicopter.


Boat rides are a bit more thrilling as a close encounter with crocodiles is very likely. The regular boat tours are available all year around and are a perfect opportunity to discover the diversity of wildlife in the area. Four-wheel drive is also available around the Kakadu National Park. Local network of tour operators and accommodation centers is rich and thus one may turn the Kakadu exploration into a very personal and convenient experience.


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