Sara Thopson - Nov 15, 2020
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A report by Brand Finance ranks the United States as the country with the highest nation brand value, leading with USD 23.7 trillion despite recording a 23% decrease.

Brand Finance released its Nation Brands 2020 ranking the values of nation brands. The rest of the top ten is made up by China, with USD 18.6 trillion (-13%); Japan, with USD 4.26 trillion (-15%); Germany, with USD 3.8 trillion (-29%); United Kingdom, with USD 3.3 trillion (-22%); France, with USD 2.7 trillion (-21%); India, with USD 2 trillion (-29%); Canada, with USD 1.9 trillion (-21%); Italy, with USD 1.8 trillion (-24%), and South Korea, with USD 1.7 trillion (-28%).

The Brand Finance Nation Brands 2020 report estimates that the total value of the top 100 nation brands went from USD 98 trillion in 2019 to USD 84.9 trillion in 2020 after the strong decline triggered by the health crisis in almost all countries and their economies.

The only nation brand in the top 20 to record brand value growth is Ireland, up 11% to USD 670 billion, a testament to its resilient economy bolstered by strong exports and consumer spending. In Asia, Vietnam was successful when the brand value increased to an impressive 29%. In contrast, Argentina was the fastest falling nation brand losing 57%, as COVID-19 cases passed 1 million mark.

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