Denise Chen - Jan 27, 2009

Eco friendly and socially responsible tourism is continually on the rise which is reflected by the companies who are involved in the tourism business. For Example Cacao Resorts with development partners Barefoot Investments and Abode Management are going to create the world"s first non-profit luxury eco-resort.

The resort will be built on the Cacao Pearl Island, a private island within the Calamianes archipelago that is located in Palawan Biosphere Reserve in the Philippines. The construction is scheduled to be completed in 2011. Its location makes it a really luring destination for eco tourists. The private island may offer rainforest as well as pristine beaches. It is also in sailing distance of two UNESCO World heritage sites & four marine reserves. Tourists will have the possibility to enjoy their vacation in a 100 per cent eco friendly environment. Among other possible activities tourists may try wreck and reef diving.

There will be 100 villas for sale with the price beginning at L135,000 in this resort. The resort is planned to be carbon free. It should use energy from renewable sources like wind, solar energy or bio-fuel. The developers also claim it will be zero-waste. Various methods of recycling will be used ranging from composting containers to the reduction of packaging materials of purchased goods. Water management will ensure the water is used in the most efficient way by introducing e.g. low-flow taps in work areas. Grey water will be recycled. The developers will prefer local construction materials, i.e. timber from local forest and stone from local quarries. The plan is to use local labor force as much as possible. Foreign workers will be required to train the local people.  The plan is also to provide eco friendly transport by financing new electric ‘jeepneys’ to transport the visitors from the airport.

The resort should provide an ideal escape for eco responsible adventurers who do not long for a holiday in an over-developed concrete destination.

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