Wayne M. Gore - Feb 7, 2011
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Disney is a word everyone associates with the world of wonders and entertainment. Visiting a Disney World is a highlight for many yet now there is a brand new attraction which takes it up a notch; the Disney Dream.


In January 2011, the Disney Company introduced a completely new class of dream - the Disney Dream cruise ship. This wondrous new vessel brings the world of fantasy to a whole new level; no matter whose dream, it becomes reality on board the vessel.

Disney shows are a trademark and of course are the basis of the appeal. Local Walt Disney Theatre presents nightly performances in the grand 1,340-seat auditorium. The number one attraction and a clear winner for the children is the already infamous AquaDuck water coaster, which winds itself around the top deck.

For the adults, Disney Dream prepared a unique dining experience at the Remy - a French specialty restaurant, perhaps slightly extravagant for some, though well worth the price. Those who come on a budget will love their windowless cabins; they all feature video-filled ‘portholes’ which offer the real view outside the ship at that particular time. To make things slightly more intriguing, typical Disney characters pop onto the screens once in a while, too.

The District is an area designed specifically for adults; one of its most impressive aspects is Skyline, a funky bar with constantly changing ‘windows’, featuring magnificent views over cities like Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and New York. While parents enjoy their drinks, their minds may rest at peace while their children play at the Ocean Club and Lab, an on-board entertainment facility for kids between three and ten. They can dress up in costumes, try all sort of exciting science experiments, play countless games, and hop around the interactive dance floor. Teens who long for the ‘supercool’ may chill in the Vibe, with modern games, funky movies and a smoothie bar. The Disney Dream is pure fun and somehow it still manages to avoid a theme-park label, which definitely opens many more doors, as well as wallets.

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