Bill Alen - Mar 7, 2011
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After an era of political unrest, the countries of Caucasus have found stability and are now gaining popularity thanks to the unique character, history and pristine beauty of the region.

The Caucasus is a region which due to its location between Turkey, Iran and Russia attracted military and political campaigns and for many years was associated with unstable environment and political unrest. However, during the last decades, the situation has significantly improved and Armenia or Georgia are initiating promotion campaigns to inform the wider tourist community there is not only nothing to fear, but in fact lots to discover in the Caucasus region.

There are several established providers who offer quality, unforgettable Caucasus tours, making sure to include the most amazing aspects of the 'local colour‘. Caucasus Mountains are home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites; enthusiasts may explore the petroglyphs dating to 10,000 BC in Gobustan, Azerbaijan, or admire the charms of formerly powerful Kingdoms of Armenia and Georgia. According to Greek mythology, the Caucasus Mountains were the pillars of our world.

Armenia and Georgia tours will take visitors on striking adventures through most pristine natural scenery, with vistas over magnificent peaks and deep forests, waterfalls, hidden caves and unspoiled lakes. Depending on personal preference, tourists are welcome to hike or trek, enjoy a bit of horse-riding or opt for slightly more challenging biking tours. According to, the tours are meticulously designed to provide reliable English-speaking guides and comfortable accommodation. Arthur Mkrtchyan, the director of AdvenTour Explorer LLC, revealed that the tours are also graded according to difficulty and created to accentuate the most fascinating places and characteristics of the region.

Caucasus tours are appealing to an increasing number of travelers who long to explore the charm and history of this cradle of civilization. There are too many highlights across the Caucasus region that should not be missed.

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