Justin N. Froyd - Apr 1, 2013
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The Caribbean region has grown considerably in recent years. According to the Caribbean Tourism Organization, in 2012 it saw an increase in the arrival of tourists from around the world – more than 15 million tourists visited the Caribbean.

With more than four million visitors in 2012, the Dominican Republic tops the list of Caribbean destinations, leading the market with tourists from North America, followed closely by Europe and South America.

9.8% of U.S., Mexican and Canadian tourists elected the Dominican Republic as the top holiday destination; the South American region recorded an 11.6% growth.

An attractive, varied cultural and natural offer, the preparation of the infrastructures in which millions have been invested in addition to the warm climate and hospitality, justifies the increase in the number of tourists visiting this destination.

The list also mentions important destinations like Cuba and Jamaica, two countries that continue to grow despite a sharp decline in European tourist arrivals. According to what sources in the Cuba Tourist Office in Germany have explained, this is due to the economic crisis affecting the continent.

In 2012, Cuba received 2.8 million tourists and aims to reach three million this year, taking advantage of the interest shown in this nation and improvements to basic needs such as security and preservation of old structures, which are relevant for the vacationer.

In the Caribbean region, the peak season occurs between the months of November and April, a time when most of the countries that send tourists are hit by the winter.  However, Jamaica in the months of July and August, receives a considerable amount of tourists encouraged by the reggae festival held during that time period.

This island received 1.5 million cruise tourists that visited the place for one day only, adding to the 1.98 million who conducted longer visits. These tourists were mostly from the United States, Canada and the UK.

According to statistics, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico received 1.26 and 1.11 million tourists, respectively, completing in this the main tourist destinations of the region.

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