The B Green Action Award Was Awarded to Sociedade de Central de Cervejas

Richard Moor - Sep 29, 2010
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The Estoril Congress Center awarded during the Green Festival 2010 the B GREEN AWARDS 2010, which aimed to reward the sustainable commitment applied during the event by exhibitors present at the event this year.

The ECC, represented at the ceremony by its director Pedro Rocha dos Santos, and the Green Festival organization, represented by his mentor Peter Norton de Matos, this year decided to award prizes in three distinct categories, the B Green Stand Award, B Green Action Award and the B Green Leadership Award.

The Grupo Amorim received the B Green Stand Award for its sustainable stand development, structured with cork blocks, reduced lighting energy, no energy usage during assembly and reduced delivery of leaflets and brochures.

The B Green Action Award was awarded to Sociedade de Central de Cervejas for the promotion of CSR activities throughout the event.

EDP - Energias de Portugal won the B Green Leadership Award by having an outstanding sustainable presence throughout the Green Festival over the eight days. A reusable wood structured stand, lighting and low-power technology and sustainable gifts distribution; and a daily sponsoring of Green Festival seminars inviting about 80 national sustainable development projects supported by Fundação EDP (Foundation EDP).

The B Green Awards 2010 initiative aimed to evaluate the degree of commitment by the companies participating in the Green Festival 2010, classifying them into three categories mentioned above: exhibition stand, CSR activities and sponsored seminars.

The “B Green Awards” contest is organized by the Estoril Congress Center as part of its commitment to sustainability and evaluated according to the criteria defined in the organization of Green Events, a methodology that ECC provides in their services.

In addition to the distinctions made, ECC also awarded credits in the program Estoril Green Fund, that may be used by winners in the acquisition of Green services in any event organized in ECC space.

For more information: Madalena Botelho de Sousa, Corporate Business Sales & CSR
Centro de Congressos do Estoril, tel: +351 214 647 570 fax: +351 214 647 576

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