Cecilia Garland - Dec 5, 2022
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Telework options multiplied precipitously during the Covid-19 confinements throughout 2020. During this time, we were forced to abruptly modify our lifestyles and adapt them to what would be a long year of limited contacts, social distance and working from home. Since then, a large number of companies have adapted to this circumstance with new protocols and technologies that would make it possible to establish certain remote positions forever. It also represents a good opportunity for tourism.

It is now that we see the influence of tourism and teleworking coexist in harmony. This has become a new growth opportunity for the hotel industry, especially in favorite destinations for remote work.

Teleworking: A New Opportunity for Tourism

Teleworking allows professionals to perform their job functions from any geographical location, as long as they have the necessary equipment and a good internet connection. Taking advantage of this new approach, many people have decided to move to other destinations for tourism without the need for vacation days.

Stays are longer when they travel in this way since they do not have a limited time until they return to their offices. In addition, as they continue working while they are sightseeing, they are very attractive profiles for a tourism sector that has needed to adapt to these new guest profiles.

The vacation industry has not been slow to adapt to this new circumstance and opportunity for tourism. A large number of companies in the sector have implemented new marketing strategies aimed at this type of public and have put in place the necessary resources to ensure that they have a stay tailored to their needs.

Adapting the Offer: Not Just Leisure

The tourism sector has experienced a good moment with this change, but also a process of adaptation in which leisure is no longer the only thing that counts and in which it must reinvent itself to meet the expectations of these new profiles.

Accommodation options

The philosophy of accommodations for telecommuting tourists is somewhat different from what we are used to. These are not travelers who plan very short stays with everything included and activities everywhere, but are looking for a quiet, comfortable accommodation where they can work and mingle with the locals.

Good connections

Good connections are crucial in this model of tourism, which will not move without making sure it can work seamlessly from its new location. The sector now faces the challenge of securing the Wi-Fi network at all times, with sufficient speed and stability to get through full working days smoothly.


At present, there are different businesses related to coworking and a variety of spaces for professionals to hold meetings, videoconferences and other activities focused on the workplace. This is an incentive for people who travel with telework, because having these support systems will make your destination a more attractive place to stay for the necessary time.

Flexible timing

Foreign tourists who come to telework in a new destination must comply with their work schedules strictly, something that does not always correspond to the time zone of the destination

country. However, it is essential that the tourism sector be flexible in this regard and promote spaces in which tranquility is the protagonist both during the day and at night, so that they can work comfortably at any time.

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