Joe McClain - Mar 4, 2013
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The hotel industry in the United States is rapidly changing. This has been due to new inventions in high end technology making hotels more luxurious thus giving their clients the best they can get in the hotels. The hospitality industry has witnessed a lot of changes in the year 2012 that have given rise to new trends in this sector that are meant to increase business and the profitability of the hospitality industry.

Among the technology trends that will influence the hospitality industry are:

Fast internet speeds

New innovations in technology have made hotels to be on the lookout for superfast internet speeds. In fact, many hoteliers prefer internet speeds of up to 100Mbs... Currently, the high speeds are afforded by big hotels which have invested heavily in technology. High speed internet is supposed to be served room to room.

Quick and simple process when booking online

A good number of hotels are using websites for booking. Hotels are trying to improve their sites so that the clients have an easy time accessing their services. Moreover, many hotels have resorted to online adverts and sites that clients can use to access their services. This has eased booking process since customers can save time and hustles of having to book rooms manually. Nevertheless, hotel websites have been optimized to allow mobile devices to access the site hence making the booking process much easier.

Interactive reception

It is highly possible that hotels will adopt new strategies to attract clients starting from the lobbies. Guests may be given a chance to use big touch screens and tablets to check out the services offered by the hotel like menus and entertainment. This will go a long way in improving guest services at the reception.

Enforcement of eco-friendly policies

It is predicted that hotels will be required to make their industry much greener. Conservation of power is a major step which many hotels have taken in the use of energy efficient LED bulbs, and energy efficient computing. This step reduces power wastage and excess bills to hotels. Moreover, insulation will be a major trend that will be witnessed in 2013

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