Gary Diskin - Aug 10, 2009
Tanning salons have become extremely popular in the recent decade and especially young people seem to be obsessed with ‘fake’ tan. Recently, however, the worst fears were confirmed. Tanning beds have been proven to pose the greatest threat of cancer. A fit and healthy look is something many people cannot live without. Especially for young people, it appears to be an absolute must. It is fashionable and attractive. Over the past two decades, ‘fake’ tanning has become something very common and widespread. However, from their first introduction, tanning beds have been criticized for posing threats to our health. For a long time, no specific connection between skin cancer and fake tanning was proven and for that reason, tanning beds were ‘legal’, so to speak. And needless to say, that there have been many cases of skin cancer in those who could not go a week without a brief visit to the tanning salon. Recently, a young girl from Britain was hospitalized with major skin burn. It is quite clear that something is just not right here. And worst fears have been confirmed as the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has just labeled ultra-violet tanning beds to the highest cancer risk category.The conducted research states that frequent using of tanning beds may increase the risk of developing skin cancer by a shocking 75 %, especially when used by young adults or children. Some countries have already taken steps to prevent young people from fake tanning so much. In Australia, children are not allowed to use sunbeds at all; some U.S. states try to regulate tanning industry by requiring children to give official consent from their parents or even doctors.It is now only a question of time, before the word spreads and more countries will follow Australia’s example. After all, our health is at stake and unless white skin comes into fashion soon, fake tan needs to be controlled.   Related:ILLEGAL TANNING INJECTIONS RISE IN POPULARITY


  1. Finally someone said it clearly and loud. There have been numerous studies warning against sun beds but either people just ignore it or don't know about it. I can't see how can anyone risk their health just for better look. Why not to buy a tanning spray instead?


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