James Morris - Aug 6, 2023
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Like many other countries, Taiwan has experienced a significant decline in tourism due to the Covid pandemic. The government has invested 163 million euros to entice international travelers to return. The number of visitors has dropped by 10 times compared to pre-Covid times.

Excited travelers have recently won 5,000 Taiwanese dollars, equivalent to around 156 euros, in spending money. Visitors typically use this sum to cover travel expenses and buy small gifts for loved ones. Taiwan has introduced a new lottery system for tourists arriving at the airport to encourage more visitors to the country. The process involves scanning a QR code; winners are selected electronically. It is expected that 500,000 tourists will win vouchers through this incentive program.

Tourism slowed down by Covid

The government has invested 163 billion euros in a lottery to boost tourism on the island, which has been facing challenges due to border closures and tensions with China. Despite only receiving 900,000 visitors in 2022, the goal is to reach pre-pandemic levels of 12 million tourists. To promote the island's natural beauty, advertising spots have also been created highlighting its sea, mountain, and tropical jungle assets.

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