Chris Grad - Dec 14, 2009

Sylt may not be one of European tourist hot-spots per-say, though this island is an incredibly charming holiday destination which attracts thousands of visitors each year. Its picturesque beauty melts even the coldest of hearts.




Thousands of holiday makers very often seek out Sylt, German largest and most popular island in the North Sea. Even though the summer season attributes most charm and beauty to the island, winter snow offers a completely different, equally overwhelming experience. The nature on the island presents a priceless asset for the locals – after all, the peace and quiet and the gentle fresh sea breeze are ideal for a relaxing holiday away from the world.


The island separated from mainland in approximately 8,000 B.C. and today covers an area of roughly 100 km2. There are only 11 villages and one town on Sylt, though the variety of activities combined are more than sufficient even for the most energetic tourists. On the eastern part, the resorts of Tinnum, Keitum, Munkmarch, Archsm and Morsum attract a lot of attention as they feature the most striking natural scenery. Vast green fields and dykes, lush meadows, cliffs, magnificent dunes – the variety is breathtaking.


Sylt and its Frisian culture are best presented in a rather posh resort called Kampen. Here, visitors enjoy the most picturesque and once very luxurious houses which used to belong to ship captains. Most of them are very well preserved and definitely worth a peek or two. One of local landmarks is the Romanesque St. Severin Church and the pictorial Lighthouse. Local beaches are pure and peaceful and thanks to the Gulf Stream, the sea in summer is very pleasant to dip in.


Westerland is the island’s only town and even more so a very vigorous centre. The infamous nightlife scene here features a fantastic range of venues from luxurious bars, bistros, discos, charming little cafés, and brilliant restaurants to parties on the beach. It is THE place to see and be seen.


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