Chris Grad - Sep 5, 2011
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Swiss tourist board suggested a 6-point plan to fight the effects of the strong franc. Extensive promotion in neighbouring countries and focus on distant markets are part of the plan.

Holidays in Switzerland have become too expensive for many foreign visitors, especially because of the strong franc. Swiss Tourism thus decided to take action and developed a 6 point plan that should help the local tourism industry to deal with the decrease in tourist numbers.

One of the most important points is advertising in the neighbouring countries. An advertisement of the Swiss Tourist Board published in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung says: “What the world wants are the Swiss francs! We will help you to get rid of them!”

Focus on distant markets is also a very important part of the plan. Tourism markets in China, Brazil, and the Gulf countries are viewed as significant sources of inbound visitors. The statistics show an “above the European average” growth in these countries.

The Swiss Tourism tries also to get additional funds from the parliament. In September 2011 the Swiss parliament will decide about the future financing of the tourists board. The Swiss tourism industry currently needs increased funding for the years 2012-2015. The necessary amount is about 210 million francs including the impulse program of 12 million francs for 2012. Swiss tourism has already received support from the economic commissions of the national council and council of states. The Federal Council proposes 187 million francs for the industry, reported

Swiss Tourism and the Swiss export industry can nevertheless expect positive changes. The federal government considers reducing the social insurance that make currently 1.3 billion francs for hotel businesses and export oriented companies. Hotel businesses and export oriented companies can therefore hope for a relief. The reduced rate should for one year help the hotels and exporting companies to fight the effect of the strong franc.

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