Laura Loss - Dec 12, 2022
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Switzerland Tourism just announced that they would be working to promote sustainable fuel. Now the Swiss tourism organization looks to the future and forecasts the development of the winter season 2022/23. Despite major hurdles such as climate change and the energy crisis, they expect a growth of one percent in hotel nights compared to the season before the 2018/19 pandemic.

Swiss Increasingly Drawn Abroad in Winter

The winter season is just around the corner and with it the question: how will the 2022/23 season go? Swiss Tourism has drawn up a forecast based on data from the Swiss Institute for Business Cycle Research (KOF) at ETH Zurich, BAK Economics Basel and Oxford Economics, as well as various industry surveys.

Their winter forecast shows that growth is realistic. In addition, the report states that an increase of one percent in overnight stays is to be expected in winter destinations compared to the season before the 2018/19 pandemic. However, Switzerland Tourism expects a decline of six percent in overnight stays by national guests compared to the previous year - for the reason that this year, due to the opening of borders, travel to the warmth or abroad is easier than last year.

18 Percent More International Guests Forecast

Fewer national guests but more international guests is the motto of Switzerland Tourism. The tourism organization is forecasting an increase of 18 percent in hotel overnight stays from local and long-distance markets compared with the previous year. It is also conceivable that there will be an increase in foreign tourism over the holidays, as this period brings a particularly high level of interest in winter tourism, as was already evident last year.

The winter season of the Alp country looks positively. Swiss continue to love travel, and foreign guests' desire to travel has really reawakened despite difficult circumstances. If the weather plays along, Swiss tourism will even be able to surpass the last winter before the pandemic.

Switzerland Tourism forecasts modest growth in the 2022/23 winter season. While the tourism authority expects fewer national guests to stay in the mountains, an increase in tourists from abroad is expected. Despite the positive forecast, Switzerland Tourism also points out the challenges: The energy crisis, climate change as well as the more difficult economic situation. In addition, experts point out also the ongoing shortage of staff that will accompany and complicate the season.

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