Vanderlei J. Pollack - Sep 10, 2023
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Swiss tourism organizations in Basel and Zurich have adopted artificial intelligence to enhance the online experience for potential visitors. Zurich Tourism and Basel Tourism have introduced two highly intelligent A.I. butlers on their websites.

These two Swiss cities are among the first in Europe to embrace A.I. technology to provide guest advice. A.I. support enriches the guest experience and makes travel more accessible, promising personal and automated assistance to every guest. Introducing these innovative technologies is a significant step towards the future of guest advice.

According to Thomas Wüthrich, Director of Zurich Tourism, the initial experiences with the AI-powered guide were positive. He is amazed at how quickly the guide learns and provides competent information. Letizia Elia, Director of Basel Tourism, is also impressed with the A.I. concierges, saying that they can handle the impossible and answer travelers' questions in record time, 24/7, and in almost all languages.

A.I. concierges in Zurich and Basel are not your typical A.I. chatbots or ChatGPT clones. Their ability to answer any question while maintaining a personal touch is exceptional.

These concierges are built using ChatGPT technology and leverage artificial intelligence to analyze questions and generate accurate answers. They have comprehensive information about their respective Swiss cities and regions and can communicate fluently in multiple languages.

Zurich Tourism and Basel Tourism collaborated to develop the concept of A.I. concierges. The idea utilizes its language models with generative A.I. to offer conversational services. This allows processing information in various languages and situations to be understanding-oriented.

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