Daniel A. Tanner - Apr 25, 2016
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In 2015, the number of Swiss bed and breakfast businesses once more decreased. This resulted in 6.6 percent fewer overnight stays, while the remaining vendors experienced an increase.

Instead of 1022 businesses in 2015, there are only 911 privately registered bed and breakfast businesses left in Switzerland, reported the industry association. In absolute figures, Swiss bed and breakfast vendors reported 396,423 overnight stays in the previous year.

The number of overnight stays by European guests decreased by 7.2 percent. Especially the price-sensitive Germans (- 10 percent) and Dutchmen (-18 percent) decided for holiday elsewhere. Another large decrease could be witnessed for guests from Eastern Europe. The amount of overnight stays of Russians decreased by 43.9 percent.

The domestic tourists however were able to fill this notch. Their overnight stays in Swiss bed and breakfast facilities increased by 5.8 percent after the capacity adjustment. Therefore, Swiss tourists make up 51.5 of all bed and breakfast guests, followed by 37.8 percent consisting of other European countries and 5.6 percent Asian guests.

Regarding the neighbors, the situation remained positive. The overnight stays by Austrian tourists increased by 10.8 percent, those by Italian tourists by two percent.

When it comes to overseas guests, Oceania recorded a growth of 22 percent and Asia reported an increase of 20.7 percent. Especially Korean and Chinese guests acquired a taste for overnight stays at private establishments; the increase exceeded 70 percent.

Among the regions, the most popular was Wallis with 13 percent of overnight stays, followed by Geneva and Lake Geneva (10.5 percent) and inner Switzerland (10.4). On average, approximately 170,000 guests stayed 2.4 nights in their lodgings.

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