Tourism Review News Desk - May 25, 2009
After the first voyages to space take place in 2011, Sweden is set to be the country for launching in the following year. The trips will be far from cheap although the prices are expected to drop once the exclusiveness of this type of tourism begins to disappear.  In today’s climate, tourists fly all over the world without thinking, divers dive to the deepest depths and the highest mountains are the subjects of challenge on a regular basis. However, one area remains particularly exclusive: space. Traditionally, the Americans have been accompanied by the Russians in the space race and astronauts are typically associated with one side of the cold war. However, a seemingly innocent nation in the shape of Sweden will be the second country to host launches to the outer world in 2012.The USA will be providing flights to orbit in 2011, with the British tycoon Richard Branson very much behind the project with his company Virgin Atlantic. The trips are certainly not affordable for the average family. One journey to space is set to cost in the region of 200.000 USD. Admittedly, this price is expected to drop once the amount of passengers increases and the novelty issue dwindles. This is certain to take a long time.Once the first rockets go into orbit from New Mexico, the focus will then switch to Sweden, where northern lights and other natural phenomena usually take the spotlight. However, in 2012, Kiruna is set to become the venue for the launch of space trips. Spacespot has suggested that the space industry could do wonders for Sweden’s reputation all over the globe. Once some of the world’s richest entities start to visit Kiruna, this can only bring benefits to the Scandinavian country. Related:SIMONYI TAKES A SECOND VOYAGE OUT OF THIS WORLDFIRST TOURISTS BOOKED THEIR STAY IN A SPACE HOTELSPACE TRAVEL TO TAKE A REST IN 2009


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